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February 22, 2007
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My tablet still hates me... ^^;

Took me only a couple nights; really only started it the other day! But I am rather pleased on how this turned out! =D

Though, Axel looks really odd in here! :O_o: He was kinda tough to draw out for me anyway... ^^; Though, I think I can draw him out rather fine on paper. Maybe it's my technique in Flash... However, Roxas looks so cute in his scenes! :heart: I'd probably snatch him from Axel myself! :XD: LOL!

If you're wondering on why I did a Flash animation on this, it's because I tried doing this idea as a comic on paper, but it turned out so terrible! :nirvana:

Started out just doodling on Flash, as a panel... But then, animation kicked in, and I was drawing out movements, lip sync with the quotes (that took some new techniques!), and various anime-like layouts (like when Roxas encounters the ice cream stand).

If people like how this Flash was made (be it storyline-wise or if it's the technique), I'll continue... =P

I might edit it later and add a loading bar once I find out how to make one that'll actually work... ^^;

Axel/Roxas Square Enix/BVG
Flash animation by GL Plunkett (me)
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