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All Dogs Go To Heaven Group by SharpAnimationInc All Dogs Go To Heaven Group by SharpAnimationInc
This is what happens when I watch All Dogs Go to Heaven (and its sequel) repetitively for a few nights in a row... :XD: LOL!

I'm really, really pleased with how this turned out! =P And this is even my first time making ADG2H fanart! Even the background, I made (though, I was looking inside the ADG2H2 DVD cover for color references).

The reason why I made this is because I'm working on a colab with for the ADG2H characters, and I wanted to test out drawing the characters in my style first.

This took almost forever to make though! Mostly just the shading/highlighting and the outline (got a newer way of how to color them now).

I like how each character came out too...

Charlie, being the main character, is focused on the center. Originally, when I drew him, I was watching the 1989 original movie, so that's why he has the watch instead of the collar in the sequel.

Sasha is next to him, and I actually drew her out by memory (since she's not in the first movie)! It was only when I was watching the sequel over and over to get her colors right. Sorry if I caused any spoilers on Charlie and her relationship if you haven't seen the second movie yet. ^^;

Anabelle is holding a halo over Charlie's head. I don't know how to explain how it symbolizes... But if you've seen all 3 of the movies (that includes their Christmas one), you might understand it in a way. And BTW, if you noticed, Anabelle only has ears in the first movie, and only got her name from the second movie onward. I decided to draw ears on her here.

Below on the left, poor Itchy is hiding from Carface's fist. I got that idea near the end of the first movie. Though, I messed up on Itchy's shirt! :bleh: I always thought it was a vest, but it turned out to be a sleeveless shirt, and I only found that out when I was already coloring... :depressed: Oh, well...

Anyway, even though Carface really wants to kill Charlie, I believe that he has a side hatred for Itchy. So, that's how I had him laid out; ready to throw a punch at the poor dacshund.

However, Killer tends to get the bad outcomes from Carface throughout the first movie. And while drawing out Carface, I had the idea of having him getting knocked by Carface's fist. I would've drawn him standing, but there was too little room on the paper already. ^^;

The background was added last. And I'm so proud of it! :boogie: For once, there's no gradient or anything! Just different types of brushes used. ^.^ Though, I wish it would match the character's step; personally, its only flaw...

It took two layers (one is the sky, and the other is for the clouds) to make just the background alone. Each of the characters (and the halo) about 2-3 layers each The outline itself is just one layer itself (though, I kept the black outline copy in case I feel like changing this to have a black outline; I also kept the flat color copies of the characters for future references).

All Dogs Go to Heaven characters Don Bluth
Concept fanart by GL Plunkett (me)
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February 7, 2007
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