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Very mild shounen-ai...

Click "Download" to view.....

Sorry for such a crappy title... My mind's at a blank on what to call this.

Not sure if I should place this in "Animations" or "Humor" under Flash... :paranoid: So I placed it in Animations just in case some of you don't find it all the way "funny" (though, if that proves different, I'll change the category later...).

Just a little quicky animation I felt like doing back when I first got into ZemuSaiku, but stalled on it until I played KHII the other night and fought Saix and remembered about it... ^^;

I decided to finish it since the concept was just too cute to ignore. ^.^ LOL! I bet you can tell when the gap was; it was when I did Xemnas (he's so out of style and is super messy! - stupid tablet! DX).

At the top left corner, it's supposed to be the Berserk bar that shows Saix's berserk level when you fight him. It increases because of the Kingdom Hearts moon and gets into berserk mode (I actually love it when he's in that mode! :XD: Saix + berserk = hotness!).

And then there's Xemnas who randomly goes up to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek, enough to get Saix back to normal (a cheap spoof/rip of how you can get Saix out of berserk mode by beating him with one of his claymores in the game).

I know that Nobodies don't have hearts, but I wanted to add something cute and have a heart leave Saix and up to the KH moon. Expressing that he likes it when his Superior smooches him. :aww: Plus, it'd make Xemmy happier to see his Kingdom Hearts gain another heart (other than his chance with Saix of course). ;) hehee

I stopped at that point... Let them have their alone time together and have your imaginations set in as I have my own perverted thoughts on what those two would be doing. X3

Sorry if it goes in a loop..... Too lazy to make it stop and add a replay thing... <.<;;; Just live with it.

I'll also be submitting this onto my y!Gal after I alter the watermark a bit to suit it.

Xemnas/Saix © SquareEnix/BVG
Flash animation by GL Plunkett (me)
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June 10, 2007
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