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L.E.S. Cure - 4 Krazi by SharpAnimationInc L.E.S. Cure - 4 Krazi by SharpAnimationInc
A.K.A. ~ "Lunar Eclipse Saix Cure"

Birthday comic gift-art thingy for :iconkrazifreak:... :slow:

I tried thinking of something more birthday-based, but it didn't seem to work right... So, I made a little comic that seems to be somewhat of a sequel to her Lunar Eclipse comic ([link]); I can never get enough of that comic! :XD: LOL!

Though, a couple nights ago, I was watching Lilo & Stitch: the Series; the one with the experiment that makes everyone stupid, and one scene just sparked this idea... :B

And sorry for such sloppiness... I kinda rushed it on Photoshop Elements 5 (which I've so lost my touch on). ^^; hehee And I didn't shade it as I normally would've because it would've taken too long.....

It's actually three pages of work; two of them are what you see (just copied/pasted over again on some parts), and the third page was a "props" page for anything different.

Anyway, yeah... Happy birthday, Krazi! X3 Hope you like it, even if I phail at being funny... :slow:

Xemnas/Saix © SquareEnix/BVG
Drawn out by me... :B
Bday gift for *krazifreak :slow:

EDIT - YAY! 100+ comments! :w00t:
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October 6, 2007
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